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Wildlife Garden birdhouses

Did you noticed the amazing birdhouses from Wildlife Garden? They were completely made from wood and were made in a real Scandinavian style. You know the wooden houses from Norway, Finland and Sweden, right? They are so nice and decorative. The birdhouse from Wildlife Garden is just a house from Sweden in mini size.

Im not suprised why they chose to make houses from wood and let them have the Scandinavian look. Its deffinitely because Wildlife Garden, the brand is coming from Sweden. Beside birdhouses and bird feerders they also produce wooden mailboxes, wood coat hooks and other wooden accessoiries.

Do you enjoy the look from the nordic countries? Then make sure they are in your garden as well. It is easy to create your own little sweden in your garden by buying a few birdhouses, a bird feeder and a wooden mailbox from Wildlife Garden. How nice would it be to walk in your own private Sweden? We have to admit that the birdhouse is not realy cheap. But for this price you get exactly what you need. And in a good quality.

The Wildlife Garden Multiholk is a birdhouse that you can use in winter and summer. A real multiple bird house! For summer this house can atrract birds that wants a nest. In winter you can change it and put food inside to feed ther birds. Interested in these Scandinavian items? Then take a look at Wildlife Garden