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How to unleash your genius

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Society is constantly telling us stories of lone geniuses. Elon Musk. Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. It seems that talent came to them from somewhere in the sky. And the muse whispered brilliant ideas to them.

However, as the book “Business Genius” by Allen Gunnett shows us, in fact anyone can be genius. Everyone can create a product that will change the world and win the hearts of many people. To do this, you just need to know a few patterns.

Everything we know about inspiration and talent sent down from above is a myth.

Let’s think about Mozart. It seems that everyone has heard that this great composer began to compose genius music from the age of 4. That he had a lot of fans. And one main enemy is Salieri. However, all these ideas about Mozart, if you study his biography in more detail, are fundamentally wrong. Yes, Mozart started playing early enough. His early musical career was closely followed by his father. But there was nothing brilliant in his works. But what he did not care about was the fanatical persistence with which he approached the matter. Working hard, Mozart released his first “hit” only at the age of 17. Those. 13 years after he sat down at the piano for the first time. And one more fun fact. Salieri was not really an enemy of Mozart. They were close friends and Salieri even helped the young genius in everything.

After analyzing the path of other geniuses, we will understand that no one had any early success. Only hard work and several other factors have contributed to the fact that we now consider these people to be geniuses.

Genius within your power

Scientists have conducted research and found that anyone with an IQ above 104 has the same ability for original ideas as those who fall into the genius range. There are many such people: 40% of the world’s population, which is about 3 billion people. They all have the same creativity as the elite, which everyone idealizes. Estimate, what is the probability that you are included in these 3 billion? Pretty tall, isn’t it?

Smart win

One scientist compared the best sprinters to the just good. It turned out that the difference is not only physical, but also mental. Another study looked at chess players and came to a similar conclusion. Champions are better at analyzing behavior patterns. However, it’s not about talent, innate qualities, or consistent practice. It’s about the way of teaching. To succeed in a creative and different way, you need to learn as a genius.

Your main enemy is …

Automatism! Enemy # 1 of professional development. If you do everything mechanically, you stop controlling your actions. And without control it is impossible to improve them.

You cannot become a genius if no one knows about it

Trite, but true! You will earn the title of a creative person if other people like your work. And if there are many such people, you will be called a creative genius. However, creative genius is more of a social phenomenon than the fact that a person has ingenuity, foresight and authority.

How to get noticed and your creations

The author identifies three main factors:

The first is timing. Think of the products that were far ahead of their time and therefore became misunderstood and forgotten. Your idea should be original, but not significantly ahead of its time. Balancing the familiar with the new is not only beneficial for financial success, but essential.

The second is to get approval from the guards, who will appreciate your work. Why guardians? Because they are very respected and influential people, by convincing them, you can open doors for yourself to a wider audience. The guards will talk about you and show you how good your product is. However, it is important to understand that if the guards can now be cleverly bypassed, it is still important to understand that creativity is still driven by the financial well-being of the audience. Consumers won’t go to museums or buy books if they don’t have enough time and money. The material well-being of the country and the economic confidence of citizens are the unspoken conditions of creativity.

The third is individuality and flexibility. It is important to be able to sell and quickly adapt to a favorable environment for your industry.

To be known as a genius, it is also important to observe the four laws of creativity, which the author of the book deduced based on the analysis of the success of many brilliant people.

First Law: Consumption

The ability to find an idea that is partly familiar to the audience is one of the foundations of commercial success. Despite the crazy busyness, creative people invariably spend 3-4 hours a day on “consumption”, absorbing new information. Thus, by devoting 20% ​​of your waking time to absorbing information relevant to your occupation, you develop an intuitive idea of ​​how familiar and understandable the new idea will be to the audience.

And then you should trust your right hemisphere. Why do insights happen in unexpected places: in the soul, while eating, or even in a dream? Because at this time the left hemisphere is turned off, which gives a “voice” to the right. As a result, the “enlightenment” occurs. The subconscious mind gives us an idea, over which our logical mind could beat for weeks. Most interestingly, this is a very common brain function. And it can be developed. You need to accumulate experience and knowledge, so you will provide the brain with examples and concepts that will later help to discover non-obvious ideas. 

However, it is also important to remember that insight will never visit you in the area of ​​what you do not understand.

How to apply the first law in practice? Do you want to become a writer? Read everything. Want to become a film critic? Watch movies day and night. Do you want to become a famous video blogger? See popular blogs, etc. Follow the 20% rule. Exactly 20% of your wakefulness, i.e. about 3 hours, should be devoted to the subject being studied: books, films, blogs, etc.

Second Law. Imitation

Study the structure of successful pieces carefully. Repeat them. Try to add something new, better, original. But don’t overdo it. In the structure of a new work, heredity and familiarity should remain.

Third Law. Creative communities

According to research, having a community is essential to achieving global success. Curiosity is essential for establishing a community. Ask questions, take the initiative and do not wait for someone to share their experience and knowledge with you. Personal communication is necessary to exchange ideas. It is not enough just to have acquaintances.

To achieve maximum results, your creative community should have 4 types of people:

An experienced teacher will teach the rules and formulas of mastery, give feedback.

Antipode partner. To create, not just learn, you need to find an antipode partner, i.e. a person who will express a point of view different from yours, complementing you, and taking on tasks in which you are not very strong. Your goal is to find someone who will help you learn and overcome your shortcomings.

A modern muse. In addition, your team should have a modern muse – a person or group of people who constantly inspire and motivate. They will also show you where to aim.

Fourth Law. Iteration

Creating a successful product doesn’t happen overnight. You need to learn how to break down the creation of a product into 4 stages, each of which plays an important role.

First stage: conceptualization. Sketch dozens of options for ideas from which you can choose one worthwhile. 

Stage two: screening out. Remove anything that doesn’t suit you and leave 10-15% of the previous list of ideas. Narrow your range down to the options that are most likely to succeed.

Stage three: selection. At this stage, you get a qualitative assessment of what you have chosen from your friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

Stage four: reviews. At this stage, you must finally make sure you are in a gold mine or not. Will shoot your product or need to think more. Bring the idea to life and see the results. For this you need data. Analyze the sales of the selected product, see graphs, take into account the initial reviews.

Successful individuals do not see creativity as a series of insights and sudden revelations, but use iteration based on statistical knowledge to increase the likelihood of success and explosive product growth. What is the secret of a product that the audience will love? Listen to her!

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