EU VAT registration?


EU VAT registration can be mandatory when your business is expanding throughout the EU in al the 28 Member States. In real life it is pretty complex to organise a fiscal representative in all the Member States. The question is what you can do to be more efficiënt and effective? Many E-commerce have found there way via there account, but this is realy expensive. They charge their hours to you and hire an external specialist. But the real smart companies look for an independent VAT specialist. In Europe it is rear find yourself a real specialist, but you where able to find this article so I will help you out. To expand in Europe you need to have a one stop shopping VAT specialist with a network that is al over Europe. Another big issue is that you need to get one contact person inside the organisation of the VAT Specialist. You have to explain one time who you are, what kind of business you are in and about your company structure. Once done you can sit back relax. For the EU VAT registration you have to go trough many Application procedures. Working with a specialist means that you only now and than have to sign. After finalizing the Application part you have to do a lot of paperwork each time you have to come up with figures. The country you are dealing in wants to collect money from you so you have to be accurate.

There is only one company that can help you in al the Member States, Switzerland and Norway. This company has a VAT Hub in the heart of Europe where al the experts are concentrated so you get the most recent knowledge to cover your needs. The company I talk about is RM Boulanger UK. Here you get your own contactperson that translates your needs to al the different colleagues that have to handle your requests and Application. Also the whole paperwork will be transfered to the employee in charge for the country you are trading too. Even when you expand to other countries it is very easy, but also when your company is located outside the EU you can use the services of RM Boulanger UK. To bring in goods into the EU you nee dan EORI number. This is an identifier of your company to handle customs matters no matter what harbour you are bringing your goods in.

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