VAT registration France when you want to sell to provate people in France

When you want to sell to consumers above the VAT treshold in France you need to register for VAT in France (companie search withe the searchword ‘VAT [...]

E-commerce is growing with more then 10%

E-commerce or Ecommerce no matter how you write it. The point is that when you do cross border sales that you have to be a ware of the VAT Treshold in [...]

What about VAT Compliance

VAT compliance means that your organisation is handling confirm the EU regulations when it comes to paying VAT in the EU member states. More specific when [...]

Artikel marketing is “repeating business”

Binnen internet marketing is artikel marketing het onderdeel wat het vaakst terugkomt. Vrijwel dagelijks moet men artikelen plaatsen met behulp van artikel [...]